by Nova Hands

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released January 1, 2016

Recorded by Nova Hands, Elliot Roberts, Tom Wilson
Vocals recorded by Par Mahn at www.vibrationsstudios.co.uk
Mixed by Nova Hands
Mastered by Jason Wilson at www.stakeoutstudios.com
Artwork by Chloé Ramsey
Copyright © Nova Hands 2015
Thanks Greg



all rights reserved


Nova Hands Huddersfield, UK

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Track Name: We Shouldn't Have Gone To University
Am I far too old to live amongst the young
I should have made more of this
But education bores me to my very core
I just want a job, I just want a home
You never really get the freedom you deserve
I shouldn't be bored of this
The egos get me down
I paid ten grand to be treated like a kid by the old and bitter

Forced to follow your dictators
They will swallow inspiration

Students only learn what to not become
The ones who idolise will go through life unloved
Take it from me now, I never wanted this
University is nothing but a fist

It takes away your love and fills you with regret
You're never satisfied, and who you were will die
But I will miss it more than anything I've done
Becoming an adult just doesn't sound like fun
Track Name: For Hilarity's Sake
What you see can fade
In an instant without warning
Subtract all lost meaning
To watch the colours fade
Collage all important pieces
To conquer just one puzzle
You know creators have no love
They give it all away

Icy white, colours fade away
Dazed and stunned, passive for a day

Prayers take place inside buildings devoid of all life
Recurring slurs branded inside of a dying breed
Worshipping books they don't read
Only to preach at those who sing how the empty mass
Is thirsty for status and class
Track Name: Jade
Turn to face the sun and bloom
They have all pulled through
I was chosen for this
Make me a memory
Turn the other cheek to shock the crowd
I will lie next to you
Track Name: Blossoms
I am exhausted by a stupid name
I never cared for how she changed
Naked with nicotine to numb the pain
Fuck you and your selfish games
You never cared for me at all

Blossoms surround my head with such duress
Venus never looked her best
Tasteless my previous encounter was
I deserve someone demure
So much more perfect than before

Just tell me your name
I bet it's prettier than hers
You look so lovely yet uncertain

It's only a name
You seemed so perfect from the start
Yet I can not let go of what I lost

Cigarettes to fix all things that you miss
Loved ones nearly dead
Clawing at your own head
Addicted you've become
Who you are, I don't know
I'll leave you some advice
You should have let me help you
For always I'm love with someone I don't even know

Just tell me your name
It's only a name

Pain paves the way for more love in me
Could you stop all the clocks
Romances, they subside to lust