by Nova Hands

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released November 8, 2016

Recorded by Nova Hands, Elliot Roberts, Tom Wilson
Mixed by Nova Hands
Mastered by Jason Wilson at www.stakeoutstudios.com
Artwork by Chloé Ramsey
Copyright © Nova Hands 2016
Nice one Greg



all rights reserved


Nova Hands Huddersfield, UK

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Track Name: Who Is Your Daddy And What Does He Do?
Therapy for those who never regret it
Damage control
Sexy covered in stitches
So disgusting we accept it
Eloquent fucks
So revolting you can taste it
I'm sick of this shit
They bury us in it

They want to open you up
Burn until the embers are dust

Well fuck if I care
I'm probably just as pathetic
But I would not dare sink so low for the credit
Manifested by the famous
Naked for hits
They only care for admiration
The perfect and fit
Infected keep singing

I'm irresponsible for the best thing I have
Never wanted to hold you more than now
I just wanted to sweep you from the ground
Track Name: Walking On Duck Fat
Babe I love you long time yeah
You're the one I swear

Can I change the ever-growing space in my mind
Will glowing light on the floor fade away
In this life I will grow older
Until the ground holds me down

I'm an old soul full of black holes
To live and to learn my purpose
For all the wrong needs I want this
Oh, it's all happened before
Crawling further in your daydream

One last chance
Take me back to the place filled with hope
Smoke, suffocate all of your pretty face
If you keep up this corrosion I will throw you away

Tell me that you love me all the time
I can see right through those petty lies
Track Name: A Face For TV
Cash for a love, a new hole to repent
If I fall in again pull me up
Deeper it seems nothing like when I dream
Television has seen so much worse

Coming up for air

Devilish words full of fear and a nerve
They are usually slurred when you drink
Hit me again get me close to the edge
I am sure to regret all I've done

Open up to let the inhibitions loose
I'm a soldier of a dream, one you could only choose
Bleeding out we need a voice for the obscure
To terrify, to lead a right and noble cause

I have seen this once before
All of the cracks fill to make me more
More than the man I used to be
Dead to the world but awake to see

And in the end, we are just bitter friends
Memories that will turn into dust

Filling the cracks
Sewing the wounds
We've seen it all to soon
Choosing to be irreverent me
Maybe if I keep up this way

We have nothing left to give
Painting pictures of our better years
Track Name: Mourning The Loss Of The Family Ness
In uniform we always collaborate
Clearly states the meaning to delegate
Enforce me with a sense of elation
To elevate my relax injection

Calm, cool and collected
My pointless objective

Staring at a backlit blank canvas
Words escape, the block keeps the upper hand
Thank-you to all previous experience
Running on empty eureka

Clearly, I've got the concept

Sound for the birth
To thank all protests who understand how to blow smoke
Empty ammunition instead of wasteful days
Clocks will reverse
Reflecting all the empty contradicting posers
Label my place to undermine results
Serve until the end
It gratifies all that we choose to make our purpose
Too late to continue
Instead dissect for fun
All I see is black outside
With dim streetlights to hide all types of uninspired, negative displays of what the politics gave a generation of young hopeful minds

I'll never surface in this ocean

In an hourglass, I see through all other plans
Detriment to the middle class
Caused by what should never burn
Young ones only need to learn

Circling around a vortex is not constructive enough to advance through an office
Daily repetition never felt resistance